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We are a young company engaged in manufacturing and selling non-traditional, atypical original products.

We manufacture, assemble, design and solve technical problems.

In particular, we focus on the production of goods, custom-made products, according to customer expectations. By custom sketch, picture, video, internet line, or general idea, we create objects, furniture, furniture into a fully functional idea. In many cases, our products do not only fulfill the aesthetic aspect (design products, decorations) but are fully functional and suitable for everyday use.

The diverse use of materials is the foundation of the right style and style of every household, business, company. We combine wood, rare woods, metal materials, natural materials, bitumen, plastics, and even carbon elements.

The products in this e-shop are the ones we have already produced, and we are still adding new ones, updating and moving with time, trends. With each item you can choose different parameters from size, color, materials selection, materials combination ... everything we consult with you, we advise you.

We work with designers, architects, we make for stores.

With this e-shop, we offer you the opportunity for companies, but especially individuals, to produce and buy exactly such goods, the thing, the device you longed for. We bring it to you and look forward to your cooperation.

Prices for goods are exactly for the goods that are displayed. Prices in our country are informative, because the goods are highly individual and therefore we offer an offer for everyone separately.

Any info or pricing is free of charge, or we will contact you again.