• Epoxy table BIGMASSIVE

Epoxy table BIGMASSIVE

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Stylish design table made of solid wood and 50 cents and coated with epoxy resin

It serves not only for decorative purposes but also as a fully usable table

You can choose what it will look like

Usable in living room, kitchen, different rooms, but also garden, shelter

Anything, from wicker, wood, branches, flowers, organic and inorganic material, whatever you think

Possibility of using a colored epoxy

Possibility to use exotic wood

Can produce round, square, rectangular, conference, low, high, combination of wood, metal, carbon and other materials

When ordering, write to us your suggestion, style, leave a picture, handwritten sketch, link from internet and we will make it according to your wishes

Height 85 cm, width 100 cm, length 200 cm, dimensions are approximate as you can change the shape

The price is indicative in this case

Delivery time after agreement with you is about 1-2 weeks, at least 3 weeks (according to the difficulty)

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