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An Internet shop operator located under the domain is:

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Tel. number: 0950 326 283

Supervisory authority:

Slovak Trade Inspection

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Article I - Concepts

Article II - General provisions

1. These GTCs provide:

- the process of purchasing a Consumer Product through an E-shop,

- Terms of Sale and Purchase of the Goods through the Seller's E-Shop,

- the rights and obligations of the parties, j. Seller and Consumers arising out of a purchase contract concluded between these parties, which is the purchase and sale of the Goods through the Seller's E-Shop.

Article III - Order and conclusion of the contract

1. The consumer orders the Goods at the Seller via the E-shop located under

2. The description of which of the Goods, their properties, availability in stock, their price are listed in the E-shop at the same Tovare.

3. Upon successful sign-up, the Consumer will have access to his / her account through which purchases will be reported on the E-shop. In any further purchase, the Consumer is no longer registered, he / she simply logs in to his / her E-shop account using his / her login details.

4. The consumer orders the Goods at the Seller via the E-shop, following the instructions given in this E-shop.

5. After pressing the "TO CART" button in the same order, the ordered Goods will automatically be added to the Consumer Basket of the Consumer. The consumer's shopping cart is available to this Consumer at any time during the creation of the Order for viewing.

6. In a shopping cart display, the Consumer shall at the same time choose the method of transportation of the Goods according to the options offered by the Seller.

7. The prices for individual Goods, VAT, etc. the price for Traffic is added according to the selected mode of transport if the Seller allows to transport the Goods in several ways.

8. Order The Consumer completes by pressing the "Order with Payment Obligation" button. Previously, the Consumer is obliged to become acquainted with these GTC and confirm this acknowledgment by clicking the button "I confirm that I have become familiar with the E-shop's General Terms and Conditions requires the consumer to declare that he has been: - duly instructed the loss of the right to retire after the provision of the service, - duly informed of the loss of the right of withdrawal following the commencement of the provision of electronic content. In the cases mentioned above, the Consumer must also press the text buttons before completing the order: "I give the seller explicit consent to start providing the service / electronic content before the expiration of the withdrawal period and declares that I have been duly instructed to lose my right of withdrawal service / electronic content before the expiry of the withdrawal period. "

9. By sending an Order, j. by pressing the "Order with a Payment Obligation" button, the Consumer also confirms that he / she has also been informed of the following:

- the properties of the Goods,

- the total price that the Buyer is obliged to pay to the seller.

11. Once an Order has been created, this Order will be registered in the E-shop system. The seller will send to the e-mail address of the Consumer

at registration, the following:

- confirmation of Order with Order Information

- the GTC text that is valid and effective at the time of creation of the Order by the Consumer,

- Seller's Complaint Procedure if it is not part of the GTC.

12. By delivering an acknowledgment of receipt of the Order pursuant to paragraph 11 of this GTC, together with other documents to the Consumer, the Purchase Contract of the Goods is considered to be closed, the subject of which is the delivery in the Order of the specified Goods for the price stated there, all under the conditions contained in the documents referred to in paragraph 11 of this GTC article.

Article IV - Payment and delivery terms

1. All Prices of Items in Order and E-Shop are listed including VAT. The Purchaser may pay the price per Order:

(a) the Tatrapay, Cardpay, Sporopay or

(b) by bank transfer, or

c) direct deposits at the bank at the account of the Seller,

d) by cash on delivery, ie by handing over the cash to the courier upon receipt of the Goods.

2. The Seller does not charge any fees. However, the Seller has warned the Consumer that the entity with which the payment is made may charge a fee for payment (such as a given bank for an account deposit).

3. The Consumer undertakes to pay the Price within the time specified in the Purchase Order.

4. Payment means the moment of assignment of the Prize to the Seller's account.

5. The Seller undertakes to deliver the ordered Product to the Consumer within 30 working days of the payment of the Order Price or within 40 working days of the conclusion of the Contract, III point 12 of these GTC, if the payment is chosen by the Tolls.

6. The Seller shall supply the Consumer with the Goods ordered to the address indicated by the Consumer as the delivery address in the Purchase Order.

Article V - Lesson on Consumer Rights to Withdraw from Contract

1. The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the Goods, this period being deemed to have been maintained if the notice of withdrawal was sent to the Seller at the latest on the last day of the period. Goods are deemed to have been taken over by the Consumer at the moment when the Consumer or a designated third party other than the carrier takes over all parts of the Goods ordered or if:

(a) multiple Supplies ordered by the Consumers in one Order shall be delivered separately, upon receipt of the Goods delivered as the last,

b) delivers Goods consisting of several pieces or pieces, at the moment of taking over the last part or the last piece,

c) The goods are delivered repeatedly during the defined period, at the moment of receipt of the first delivered Goods.

2. The consumer shall have the right to withdraw from the contract under paragraph 1 of this Article of the GTC as follows:

(a) in writing at the address of the Seller mentioned above; or

b) by e-mail at

3. The consumer is entitled to use the form set out in Appendix 1 to withdraw from the contract under paragraph 1 of this Article. 1 of these GTCs. In the event that the Consumer exercises his right to withdraw from the contract under paragraph 1 of this Article, the GTC shall return the Goods to the Seller by sending it to the address of the Seller's address stated in these GTCs within 14 days from the date when he exercised his right to withdraw from the contract.

4. Upon termination under paragraph 1 of this Article, the GTC shall bear the cost of returning the Consumer Goods, including the cost of returning the Goods, which can not be returned by post due to its nature.9)

5. Returned Goods must not be damaged and must be sent to the Seller with proof of purchase, complete accessories, documentation, packaging, etc. The Consumer shall be liable for the impairment of the value of the Goods not incurred by normal wear and tear during use within the withdrawal period referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article GTC.

6. The consumer has the right to unpack the Goods within the retirement period upon taking over the Goods in order to find out the properties and functionality of the Goods.

3. Within 14 days of the date of delivery of the Consumer's waiver under paragraph 1 of this Article, the GTC shall reimburse to the Consumer any payments that he or she has withdrawn from the contract and received from or under the contract, including the cost of shipping, postage and other costs and fees. The Seller shall return to the Consumer a payment under the preceding sentence in the same way as the Consumer was used to pay for the Goods unless the Consumer with the Seller agrees otherwise. However, the shipping, delivery and postage costs are only paid by the Seller to the extent of the cheapest normal delivery method offered by the Seller, regardless of the delivery method chosen by the Consumer. The seller is not obliged to refund the Consumer a payment before the Goods are delivered to him or the Consumer proves that he has sent the Goods back to him.

4. A consumer may not withdraw from a contract which is subject to:

(a) the provision of a service where the provision of the service has begun with the express consent of the customer and the customer has stated that he has been duly instructed that he has lost the right to withdraw from the contract after full service and the service has been fully provided;

b) sale of goods made according to the specific requirements of the customer, tailor-made goods or goods determined separately for one customer;

(c) the sale of goods which are subject to a rapid reduction in quality or perishable nature;

(d) the sale of phonograms, video recordings, sound recordings, books or computer software marketed in a protective package if the customer has unpacked it;

(e) the sale of goods contained in a protective packaging which is unsuitable for return for health or hygiene reasons and whose protective packaging has been damaged after delivery;

(f) the sale of goods or the provision of services the price of which depends on the movement of prices on the financial market which the seller can not influence and which may occur during the withdrawal period;

(g) the sale of goods which, by reason of their nature, may, after delivery, be indissociably mixed with other goods;

(h) the sale of alcoholic beverages, the price of which has been agreed at the time of conclusion of the contract, the delivery of which can be effected at the earliest after 30 days and their price depends on the movement of prices on the market which the seller can not influence;

(i) the sale of periodicals with the exception of sales under a subscription agreement and the sale of books not provided in the packaging;

(j) the provision of electronic content other than on a physical carrier if its provision has been initiated with the express consent of the customer and the customer has stated that he has been duly instructed to lose the right of withdrawal by expressing such consent.


Martin Jenčik - service, production, trade, which, when signing and fulfilling the purchase contract, acts in the name of its business on its own behalf and sells goods through the E-shop


a natural person who buys a Merchandise through the Internet Store at Domain, and who does not pursue the Job, Occupation, or Business


Seller's online store located at


Goods offered through the E-shop


Consumer's action in connection with the E-shop that expresses the will of the Consumer to buy the goods in the E-shop


the total price stated in the Order, in particular the price for all goods ordered by the Consumer and listed in the Order, as well as VAT or other taxes, including the price of the Traffic, or agreed otherwise after contact with the consumer


the price for the Carriage of the Goods to the Consumer and, where appropriate, the handling of the Goods (for example, the invention of the Goods, etc.)


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